The 5 steps to Conquer your Cravings

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

photo by Brooke Lark

Starting this journey can be quite daunting. We have grown up in a diet-culture and stepping away from that is a very brave thing to do. Because we've seen the consequences. If it would have worked, no one would be looking for the next 'secret' to lose weight by now.

And aren't we fed up with the self-hate and struggle. I'm over it and I hope you too. Because if you are, then we can talk. What we are going to do here is nothing like any program you've ever followed before. It is kind, gentle, compassionate and will bring change to your body, mind and life.

Step 1: Understanding your cravings

A craving is a natural response to food. Cravings are here to help us to choose food and take care of our bodies. But we live in an unnatural world and that's where things get tricky. We need to learn to navigate this abundance of food and that isn't easy, but with the right steps you can learn this.

It is also important to know that here are 9 ways our cravings for food can come up. If you know how you got hungry, you know better what your body is asking for, physical or emotional fulfillment.

Step 2: Accepting the experience of cravings

We need to learn to relax into the discomfort of the craving. Be mindful how the craving presents itself in your body. Notice that it comes and goes, like a wave. No state we are in is ever constant, we have ever changing emotions and experiences.

Step 3: Handling your cravings

Get to know your cravings and understand what your body is telling you. Are you hungry, thirsty, tired, emotional?

Step 4: What's behind the cravings


What are your emotional needs and can you find other, more fulfilling ways to deal with them?

Step 5: Healing your relationship with food

We put an end to dieting and focus on making the most self-loving choices. Guilt has no place here and we replace this with compassion for every choice that we make. And by focusing on making the most loving choice for ourselves, we will also beat our self-sabotage.

These steps are the framework of my book in which I offer you practical steps to walk through and make some major positive changes in your life. It will take daily practice, but I promise you it will be worth it.

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