1 simple step to stop worrying

Can it be that simple.

When I first heard this, I was surprised too by how one simple mindshift can make such a huge difference, but it is true.

All we need to do is understand what worrying really is and you'll be able to catch yourself and redirect your thinking from now on.

Are you ready?

We have the capacity to be endlessly creative. We can use this creativity to come up with all sorts of stories, positive ones and negative ones. We humans are overall quite risk averse, so what do we do. We use our creativity and all the data that we have to come up with everything that can go wrong in order to avoid risk.

But, if we truly see worrying for the creative process that it is, then we get the opportunity to choose.

Because it keeps us away from imagining all the amazing things that could happen if we did this one, maybe slightly scary, thing.

I'm not saying never believe the risk assessment your brain makes. Mine is really good at it and often right, but can also come up with elaborate crazy things that will most likely never happen. It is in those moments that we need to realize that our brain is fantasizing and whatever is coming up isn't real.

Your reality is right here and now and if you're honest. Is there really something wrong......right here, right now?

So when you catch your worries, all you have to realize is that you're fantasizing negatively and you can use your imagination differently if you choose to, by imagining all the amazing adventures you might have instead. How much more fun is that!

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