Mindful eating, what is it and why does it matter to you as a professional?

"The craving is there to help us. To restore an unbalance that is going on. It might not be clear what is wants in the beginning, but keep trying. The better you listen and act on the information provided to you, the more clear the information will come to you."

From the book: Conquer your Cravings 

by Manna Stone

I believe mindful eating is going to be the next big thing when it comes to helping people in their struggles with food. Have you ever wondered why we treat the symptoms (what people eat), but not the underlying reasons (why people eat)? Whether we want to make changes to our diet for weight or other health reasons. Sticking to these changes is the hardest thing to do, especially when we run out of willpower. 

Mindful eating is way more then just paying attention to your food when you eat it. That is an important part of it, but in my Conquer your Cravings-program I have focused my attention on how we get hungry, why we struggle with food and teaching clients to deal with cravings in a mindful way. This gives people the tools to actually understand what is going on in those moments and have strategies that can help them to successfully deal with the difficult moments.

I know that you want to see your clients succeed and it is difficult when you don't know how to help them through the moments where they can't help themselves but eat what isn't good for them. You know being strong most of the time doesn't work and you are right, we can only use our willpower for so long before we get fatigued and go back to our old ways. We need to teach people a mindful approach in which they are able to stay relaxed and cool headed when the unpleasantness of a craving presents itself. This will get them out of the 'fighting our way into health' approach and into the 'loving myself into health' approach. 

How I can help with this:

1. I can give a workshop or training for your clients. Teach them all I know so they are more empowered to make the long lasting changes that you are working on with them.  

2. I can teach you or your team all that I know so you/they are able to implement these techniques in the work with clients. 

Why would you work with me?

In 2011 I found myself on the verge of being 

overweight. For years I had been an emotional

eater and a binge eater. This had gotten even worst

after my mum had passed away and food had been the 

only thing that brought me joy in a time of grief. 

When I decided to change my habits, I noticed all

the little tricks of my mind and found ways around

them. People around me were impressed with my

results (I lost 16 kgs in 6 months) and didn't 

understand why they still saw me eating cake on birthdays and were wondering what my 'secret' was. There is no secret of course, but I started sharing the information that had helped me in my first blog, which I named Glorious Food. 

Other people got results in their own ways, but there was one major difference that I observed between my change and theirs. In the process I had created a healthy relationship with food, while I saw that for others life was now more difficult, even though they had  gotten what they wanted (the weight loss), they were continuing to struggle around food and had no way out. I soon realized that weight loss is not something that will make us happy, it is through changing our relationship with food that we can bring true food-joy into our lives. 

I went to search for techniques that could help me teach this and I found it in mindful eating. I became a certified mindfulness and mindful eating trainer and have been teaching these subjects since early 2014. Since then I've developed the Conquer your Cravings-program and have written a book with the same title. 

In October 2018 I moved to Melbourne and am very much looking forward to working with some inspiring colleagues here. I can offer workshops and training for every budget. From standard ones on different topics, to something specifically designed to fit the needs of you and your clients. If you are interested, please send me a message. Together we will figure out what will work best for your situation. 


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