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Life can be pretty hectic and stressful. 

So how amazing would it be if in all that chaos we can find some moments or maybe even an attitude of peacefulness. A calm in the midst of the storm.

The truth is that I used to live in my world of thoughts. Going over things that happened, 'shoulding' all over myself, analyzing and overthinking everything, even coming up with alternative scenario's if this or that would have been different. All totally unnecessary and it made me miss out on life! On the things right in front and around me. 

Now I can catch myself when I start doing these things and turn towards what is really right here, right now. And believe me, if you do this enough you'll notice that it changes your perspective on life for the better. You'll notice that most moments of our lives, things are quite alright. That's why it's so effective when you have a tendency to get anxious or depressed. It challenges those feelings with reality. And you'll be able to experience it without getting caught up. I have a struggled with depression and anxiety and I can tell you it works.

What I offer:

I'm trained in MBCT - Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. An evidence -based, secular program that was initially designed to help people with depression. It is super helpful for anyone who wants to improve their mental resilience. The MBCT training has proven to decrease the likelihood of relapse in depression. But you don't have to be anxious or depressed to get benefits out of this course. Anyone who wants to stop overthinking, have more control over their responses and is looking for some calm in this hectic world, can certainly benefit. 

According to science, these are the benefits we can expect:

- reduces anxiety and stress

- less feelings of depression

- increases body satisfaction

- boost working memory

- less emotional reactivity

- more relationship satisfaction

- better focus

Pretty good, isn't it! 

If you want to learn more about what mindfulness is and what it can do for you, then have a read here

The Find your Calm-program is available for:

- schools and businesses in and around Melbourne. 

- individuals living in Melbourne (group or individual training)

- people all around the world, through online training & 1 on 1-coaching

If you are interested in working with me, please contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


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