8 week Conquer your Cravings 

online course

This course will teach you to love yourself and love what you eat. 


What you will learn:

- the truth about self-love

- to reconnect to your body

- to deal with all kinds of cravings

- how to handle guilt and shame

- how to be mindful

- the importance of our words

- how to stop self-sabotaging

- how to overcome emotional and stress eating

- and more.........

I'm currently working really hard to get the course finished for you. I know so many of you are waiting to learn what I know and it will make such a huge positive impact on your life. I want to put the best care in creating it for you and everyone else who is done with the diet-culture and wants to enter into food-freedom. 

The course is build around 5 topics: 

1. Understanding your cravings

2. Accepting your experience of cravings

3. Handling your cravings.

4. What's behind the cravings

5. Healing your relationship with food

What you will get:

- my signature 8 week mindful eating course

- worksheets

- mindfulness exercises

- meditations

- access to the online community

- stories

- videos

- 6 coaching calls (VIP only)

- much more.....

This course is the result of me spending 8 years to learn to understand how we make our food choices through becoming a certified mindful eating trainer, observing what keeps people from having a loving relationship with food, studying mindfulness and Nonviolent communication. It has been developed through numerous conversations I had with people who struggle with food and I've taken on board all their experiences and questions. 

Who is the Conquer your Cravings program for? 

If you recognize yourself in any of these statements, then you are who I created the program for.

- You don't believe you can trust yourself around food

- You feel guilty when you eating certain foods/amounts

- You find yourself eating more then you want and you don't know how to stop yourself

- You believe food is 'the enemy'

- You've tried endless diets, but always run out of willpower

- You use food as a coping mechanism

- You don't like the body you are in 

- You are longing for more peace-of-mind around food

- You want to be able to truly love and enjoy food again

Is this you? Are you ready to change this? 


Most people will join the course as a Community member, but I will also make a few VIP memberships available. This will be very limited though as I want to be able to offer everyone who joins the attention they deserve. The biggest difference is that VIP members get to work with me personally 1:1 and will receive some other exclusive bonuses as well. But more about that later.....

When the course launches it will be available for a special launch-price, but this will be for a very limited time only. If you want to make sure you don't miss out, sign up for the free 3 day mini-course below. You'll learn some great first steps, plus you will be put on top of the list of people who will be the first to know. 

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The FREE 3 day Conquer your Cravings mini-course covers:

- Understanding your cravings

- The basics of mindful eating

- Emotional eating

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