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As a former binge and emotional eater, I know the intense struggle that we can experience around food. I used to eat cookies by the packet, have multiple pieces of cake if there was any available and the only way I knew how to sooth myself was by eating more. 


But at some point I had to realize that it is a love-hate relationship, which isn't sustainable. And if you recognize yourself in this story, you know that things can't go on like this for much longer. You're paying a price, whether it is physical, because the way you eat isn't good for your health, or psychological, because food is an obsession and you resent yourself for the choices that you make. 

The change will start by truly wanting something better for yourself and admitting that you need to learn a new way of doing things, because the old ways aren't working anymore. 

In the Conquer your Cravings-program we use a mindfulness based approach to learning new ways of dealing with our cravings. You'll learn to not fight, but face them for all that they are. You will also learn a new concept of self love, which will be the basis from which you'll start to make new choices. And you will have the tools to fulfill your needs in other ways then through food. 

All these steps will help you build a positive relationship with food. 


So who is the Conquer your Cravings program for? 

If you recognize yourself in any of these statements, then you are who I created the program for.

- You don't believe you can trust yourself around food

- You feel guilty when you eating certain foods/amounts

- You find yourself eating more then you want and you don't know how to stop yourself

- You believe food is 'the enemy'

- You've tried endless diets, but always run out of willpower

- You use food as a coping mechanism

- You don't like the body you are in 

- You are longing for more peace-of-mind around food

- You want to be able to truly love and enjoy food again


Is this you? Are you ready for a change?

Then sign up for the FREE 3 day Conquer your Cravings course here.

The topic that we will discuss are:

- Understanding your cravings

- The basics of mindful eating

- Emotional eating

Here is a little preview of what the course looks like.


But this course is not the only way to learn more. I've also written a book which is available in paperback and as a digital version. This book is different from any book you'll read on mindful eating. Because paying attention to our food is beautiful, but not the whole story. In this book I'll tell you the rest of the story, how to mindfully overcome the food cravings that are running your life and create a loving relationship with yourself and your food. 

The book takes you through the 5 steps of the Conquer your Cravings program:

- Understanding your cravings

- Accepting the experience of cravings

- Handling your cravings

- What's behind the craving

- Healing your relationship with food

This is the only book you'll ever need to read to Conquer your Cravings.

Conquer Your Cravings - paperback


The book is full of practical steps that you can take to start building a positive relationship with food today. Whether your problem is emotional eating, stress eating, binge eating or can overcome them by following the mindful eating approaches outlined in this book.


“I found it very well inspiring and accessible, and loved the personal anecdotes!  It is also the first "diet" book that I have come across that supports my Buddhist values of gentleness and kindness, so it's great!”

Gregory Ho



And the lastly, there is the 8 week online Conquer your Cravings course in which everything comes together. It follows the same steps as the book, but in the course I've added a lot of exercises, mindfulness teachings, meditations, video's and more to give you all the tools to once and for all create that loving relationship with food.

The reason why I've decided to create this course, was because there was something missing. With the course we will create a community of people who will learn together, share experiences and grow in their mindfulness and mindful eating practice. 

I also noticed it was difficult for some people to really incorporate all the information from the book into their lives. This course gives you that structure and continuity to really make this a part of your life. 

There will be two membership levels at which you can join, community member and VIP member. The biggest difference between the two is that the VIP members will be able to work with me 1:1 as well as do the full course. 

The course will be available for a reduced price at the launch. If you sign up for the 3 day course above, you will be the first to know! 

Learn more about the 8 week online Conquer your Cravings course.

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